APC: Daltoniaceae
A tree element is an element of a classification tree structure (also known as a Node). The element holds the position of a Taxon Concept in an arrangement of taxon that we refer to generically as a tree.
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APC (version 10146062) published 5/10/20 by nklazenga
Plantae / Bryophyta / Bryopsida / Bryidae / Hookeriales
25 sub taxa
Achrophyllum dentatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Vitt & Crosby, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hookeria dentata Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymPterygophyllum dentatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Dixon, legitimate (1912) nomenclatural synonymHookeria denticulata Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1845) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum denticulatum Mitt., nom. illeg. (1869) taxonomic synonymHookeria hepaticaefolia Müll.Hal. & Hampe, legitimate (1853) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum hepaticaefolium (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) taxonomic synonymHookeria nigella Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum nigellum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1856) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum obscurum Mitt., legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymHookeria obscura Wilson, nom. illeg. (1859) taxonomic synonymHookeria robusta Hook.f. & Wilson ex Paris, nom. illeg. (1898) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum hookeri A.Jaeger, nom. illeg. (1877) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum wattsii Broth., legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymAchrophyllum wattsii H.P.Ramsay, legitimate (1984) taxonomic synonymHepaticina interstitialis Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymHepaticina pseudo-obscura Müll.Hal., nom. inval. (1902) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum bryoides Broth., legitimate (1907) taxonomic synonymHepaticina bryoides Müll.Hal., nom. inval. (1902) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum cyclophyllum Broth., legitimate (1907) taxonomic synonymHepaticina cyclophylla Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum flaccidissimum Broth., legitimate (1907) taxonomic synonymHepaticina flaccidissima Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum trichoides Geh. ex Burges, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1935) taxonomic synonym
Bryobrothera crenulata (Broth. & Paris) Thér., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Mesochaete crenulata Broth. & Paris, legitimate (1908) nomenclatural synonym
Calyptrochaeta apiculata (Hook.f. & Wilson) Vitt, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hookeria apiculata Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymEriopus apiculatus (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1869) nomenclatural synonymPterygophyllum apiculatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) nomenclatural synonymDistichophyllum apiculatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymEriopus tasmanicus Broth., legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymCalyptrochaeta apiculata var. tasmanica (Broth.) Fife, legitimate (1995) taxonomic synonym
Calyptrochaeta brassii (E.B.Bartram) Streimann, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Eriopus brassii E.B.Bartram, legitimate (1952) nomenclatural synonym
Calyptrochaeta brownii (Dixon) J.K.Bartlett, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Eriopus brownii Dixon, legitimate (1927) nomenclatural synonym
Calyptrochaeta flexicollis (Mitt.) Vitt, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hookeria flexicollis Mitt., legitimate (1867) nomenclatural synonymEriopus flexicollis (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) nomenclatural synonym
Calyptrochaeta rotundifolia (Nog. & Z.Iwats.) Touw, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Eriopus rotundifolius Nog. & Z.Iwats., legitimate (1972) nomenclatural synonym
Daltonia splachnoides (Sm.) Hook. & Taylor, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Neckera splachnoides Sm., legitimate (1813) nomenclatural synonymDaltonia pusilla Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymDaltonia novae-zelandiae Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonym
Distichophyllum crispulum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hookeria crispula Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymMniadelphus crispulus (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1850) nomenclatural synonymDistichophyllum baileyanum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus baileyi Müll.Hal. ex Kindb., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1891) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus baileyi Müll.Hal. ex Paris, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1897) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum subflexuosum Broth. ex Burges, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1935) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus subflexuosus Broth. & Geh., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1897) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum minutifolium Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Distichophyllum cuspidatum (Dozy & Molk.) Dozy & Molk., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hookeria cuspidata Dozy & Molk., legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonym
Distichophyllum microcarpum (Hedw.) Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hypnum microcarpon Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymPterygophyllum microcarpum (Hedw.) Brid., legitimate (1819) nomenclatural synonymHookeria microcarpa (Hedw.) Hook. & Grev., legitimate (1825) nomenclatural synonymMniadelphus microcarpus (Hedw.) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1848) nomenclatural synonymHookeria complanata Hampe, legitimate (1876) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum complanatum (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum complanatum (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymHookeria subrotunda Hampe, legitimate (1876) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum subrotundum (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum subrotundum (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus subrotundus (Hampe) Müll.Hal. ex M.Fleisch., nom. illeg. (1922) taxonomic synonymPterygophyllum levieri Geh., legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum levieri (Geh.) Broth., legitimate (1907) taxonomic synonymHookeria distichophylla Hampe, nom. illeg. (1905) taxonomic synonym
Distichophyllum pulchellum (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hookeria pulchella Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1844) nomenclatural synonymMniadelphus pulchellus Hampe, legitimate (1850) nomenclatural synonymHookeria amblyophylla Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus amblyophyllus (Hook.f. & Wilson) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum amblyophyllum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymHookeria sinuosa Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus sinuosus (Hook.f. & Wilson) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum sinuosum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum whiteleggeanum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus whiteleggeanus (Müll.Hal.) Müll.Hal. ex M.Fleisch., nom. illeg. (1922) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum subsinuosum M.Fleisch., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1922) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus subsinuosus Müll.Hal., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1922) taxonomic synonym
Distichophyllum rotundifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal. & Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Hookeria rotundifolia Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymMniadelphus rotundifolius (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1850) nomenclatural synonymMniadelphus beccarii Müll.Hal. ex Hampe & Geh., legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum beccarii (Hampe & Geh.) Paris, legitimate (1895) taxonomic synonymMniadelphus subminutifolius Broth. & Geh., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum subminutifolium (Broth. & Geh.) M.Fleisch., legitimate (1922) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum fissidentoides Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum obliquomucronatum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymDistichophyllum squarrosulum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Ephemeropsis trentepohlioides (Renner) Sainsbury, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Archephemeropsis trentepohlioides Renner, legitimate (1934) taxonomic synonym

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