APC: Grimmiales
A tree element is an element of a classification tree structure (also known as a Node). The element holds the position of a Taxon Concept in an arrangement of taxon that we refer to generically as a tree.
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APC (version 10145790) published 7/09/20 by nklazenga
Plantae / Bryophyta / Bryopsida / Dicraniidae
63 sub taxa
Grimmia australis (Dixon & Sainsbury) J.Muñoz & Ochyra, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Coscinodon australis Dixon & Sainsbury, legitimate (1945) nomenclatural synonym
Grimmia cyathocarpa (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Guembelia cyathocarpa Hampe, legitimate (1872) nomenclatural synonym
Grimmia fuscolutea Hook., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia fastigiata Cardot, legitimate (1905) taxonomic synonym
Grimmia laevigata (Brid.) Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus laevigatus Brid., legitimate () nomenclatural synonymGrimmia campestris Burchard ex Hook., legitimate (1819) taxonomic synonymGrimmia leucophaea Grev., legitimate (1822) taxonomic synonymGrimmia leiocarpa Taylor, legitimate (1846) taxonomic synonymGrimmia leucophaea var. subrotunda Wilson ex Müll.Hal., legitimate (1849) taxonomic synonym
Grimmia orbicularis Bruch, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia campbelliae Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Grimmia procumbens Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Guembelia procumbens Mitt. ex F.Muell., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1881) nomenclatural synonym
Grimmia pulvinata (Hedw.) Sm., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Fissidens pulvinatus Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonym
Grimmia pulvinata var. africana (Hedw.) Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Fissidens pulvinatus var. africanus Hedw., legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia africana (Hedw.) Arn., legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonymDryptodon obtusus Brid., legitimate (1926) taxonomic synonymGrimmia pulvinata var. obtusa (Brid.) Huebener, nom. illeg. (1833) taxonomic synonymGrimmia cygnicolla Taylor, legitimate (1846) taxonomic synonymGrimmia pygmaea Müll.Hal., legitimate (1849) taxonomic synonymGrimmia trichophylla var. australis Hampe, nom. illeg. (1849) taxonomic synonymGrimmia callosa Müll.Hal. & Hampe, legitimate (1853) taxonomic synonymGuembelia obtusata Müll.Hal. & Hampe, legitimate (1853) taxonomic synonymGrimmia obtusata (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1874) taxonomic synonymGrimmia basaltica Mitt., legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymGrimmia tasmanica Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymGrimmia woollsiana Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Grimmia trichophylla Grev., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia crispatula Müll.Hal. & Hampe, legitimate (1853) taxonomic synonymGrimmia stenophylla Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Racomitrium affine (F.Weber & D.Mohr) Lindb., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum affine Schleich. ex F.Weber & D.Mohr, legitimate (1807) nomenclatural synonymRacomitrium heterostichum subsp. affine (F.Weber & D.Mohr) J.J.Amann, legitimate (1918) nomenclatural synonymRacomitrium heterostichum var. alopecurum Huebener, legitimate (1833) taxonomic synonym
Racomitrium crispulum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Hook.f. & Wilson var. crispulum, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dryptodon crispulus Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) taxonomic synonymGrimmia crispula (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal., nom. illeg. (1851) taxonomic synonymGrimmia symphyodonta Müll.Hal., legitimate (1849) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium symphyodontum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymGrimmia emersa Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium emersum (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1874) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium symphyodon A.Jaeger, legitimate (1874) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium chlorocarpum Mitt. ex M.Fleisch., legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymGrimmia chlorocarpa Mitt., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1876) taxonomic synonymDryptodon chlorocarpus Mitt. ex Hampe, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1881) taxonomic synonymGrimmia sullivanii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium sullivanii (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Racomitrium crispulum var. tasmanicum (Hampe) E.Lawton, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Racomitrium heterostichum var. tasmanicum Hampe, legitimate (1853) nomenclatural synonym
Racomitrium heterostichum (Hedw.) Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum heterostichum Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia heterosticha (Hedw.) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1849) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia pycnotricha Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium pycnotrichum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonym
Racomitrium japonicum Dozy & Molk., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Racomitrium leptostomoides J.B.Först., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonym
Racomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Brid. subsp. lanuginosum, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Bryum hypnoides With., nom. illeg. (1801) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium hypnoides Lindb., nom. illeg. (1866) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum lanuginosum Hedw., legitimate (1801) taxonomic synonymGrimmia lanuginosa (Hedw.) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1849) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium sundaicum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymGrimmia sundaica (Müll.Hal.) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonym
Racomitrium obtusum (Brid.) Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum obtusum Brid., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymRacomitrium heterostichum var. obtusum (Brid.) Delogne, legitimate (1885) nomenclatural synonymRacomitrium affine var. obtusum (Brid.) Limpr., legitimate (1897) nomenclatural synonym
Racomitrium pruinosum (Wilson) Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Racomitrium lanuginosum var. pruinosum Wilson, legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia lanuginosa var. pruinosa (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymRacomitrium austrocanescens Dusén, legitimate (1907) taxonomic synonym
Racomitrium pseudopatens (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia pseudopatens Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonym
Racomitrium ptychophyllum (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia ptychophylla Mitt., legitimate (1866) nomenclatural synonym
Racomitrium rupestre (Hook.f. & Wilson) Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dryptodon rupestris Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymRacomitrium crispulum var. rupestre (Hook.f. & Wilson) Dixon, legitimate (1926) nomenclatural synonym
Racomitrium sudeticum (Funck) Bruch & Schimp., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum sudeticum Funck, legitimate (1820) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia amoena Broth., legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymRacomitrium amoenum (Broth.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonym
Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia apocarpa Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia mutica Hampe, legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymGrimmia apocarpa var. mutica Paris, legitimate (1896) taxonomic synonymSchistidium australiense Ochyra, legitimate (1998) taxonomic synonymGrimmia antipodum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymSchistidium antipodum (Müll.Hal.) Ochyra, legitimate (1998) taxonomic synonymGrimmia flexuosa Hampe ex Broth., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonym
Schistidium chrysoneuron (Müll.Hal.) Ochyra, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia chrysoneura Müll.Hal., legitimate (1883) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia antarctici Cardot, legitimate (1906) taxonomic synonym
Schistidium flexifolium (Hampe) Ochyra, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia flexifolia Hampe, legitimate (1860) nomenclatural synonym
Schistidium readeri (Broth.) Ochyra & J.Muñoz, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia atricha Müll.Hal., nom. illeg. (1898) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia readeri Broth., legitimate (1902) nomenclatural synonymSchistidium atrichum Ochyra, nom. illeg. (1998) nomenclatural synonymGrimmia atrichoides Paris, nom. illeg. (1904) taxonomic synonym
Schistidium rivulare (Brid.) Podp. subsp. rivulare, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia rivularis Brid., legitimate (1801) taxonomic synonym
Schistidium truncatoapocarpum (Müll.Hal.) Ochyra, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Grimmia truncatoapocarpa Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonym
Ptychomitrium australe (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Brachysteleum australe Hampe, legitimate (1856) nomenclatural synonymGlyphomitrium australe (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymGlyphomitrium acutifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymBrachysteleum acutifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Hampe, legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonymGlyphomitrium adamsonii Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymPtychomitrium adamsonii (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1874) taxonomic synonymBrachysteleum adamsonii (Mitt.) F.Muell., legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonym
Ptychomitrium laxifolium (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Brachysteleum laxifolium Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonymGlyphomitrium laxifolium (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1902) nomenclatural synonym
Ptychomitrium mittenii A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Brachysteleum mittenii (A.Jaeger) Hampe, legitimate (1881) nomenclatural synonymGlyphomitrium mittenii (A.Jaeger) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymGlyphomitrium serratum Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymPtychomitrium serratum (Mitt.) Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1859) taxonomic synonym
Ptychomitrium muelleri (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Glyphomitrium muelleri Mitt., legitimate (1860) nomenclatural synonymBrachysteleum muelleri (Mitt.) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1868) nomenclatural synonymBrachysteleum howeanum Hampe, legitimate (1874) taxonomic synonymPtychomitrium howeanum (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) taxonomic synonymPtychomitrium howei Hampe ex Kindb., nom. inval. (1888) taxonomic synonymGlyphomitrium howeanum (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymBrachysteleum commutatum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymPtychomitrium commutatum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymGlyphomitrium commutatum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymBrachysteleum microblastum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymPtychomitrium microblastum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymGlyphomitrium microblastum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Blindia contecta (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Weissia contecta Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonym
Blindia ferruginea (Wilson) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum ferrugineum Wilson, legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum ferrugineum (Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1860) nomenclatural synonymDichodontium ferrugineum (Wilson) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) nomenclatural synonymAnisothecium ferrugineum (Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymDitrichum ferrugineum (Wilson) Paris, legitimate (1896) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum brachycarpum Mitt. ex Paris, nom. inval. (1904) nomenclatural synonymLeptodontium ferrugineum Mitt. ex Dixon, nom. inval. (1929) nomenclatural synonym
Blindia magellanica Schimp. ex Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Blindia acuta var. curviseta Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymBlindia arcuata Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymBlindia curviseta Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonym
Blindia robusta Hampe, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Blindia tenuifolia Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymDicranum tenuifolium Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1844) taxonomic synonymDicranum angustifolium Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma angustifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1906) taxonomic synonymBlindia tasmanica Sainsbury, legitimate (1953) taxonomic synonym

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