APC: Ptychomniales
A tree element is an element of a classification tree structure (also known as a Node). The element holds the position of a Taxon Concept in an arrangement of taxon that we refer to generically as a tree.
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APC (version 10142314) published 6/09/17 by import
Bryophyta / Bryopsida / Bryidae
13 sub taxa
Euptychium cuspidatum (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Esenbeckia cuspidata Mitt., legitimate (1856) nomenclatural synonymGarovaglia cuspidata (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1873) nomenclatural synonymEuptychium neocaledonicum Schimp., legitimate (1866) taxonomic synonymGarovaglia neocaledonica Schyr. ex F.M.Bailey, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1886) taxonomic synonym
Euptychium mucronatum Hampe, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Garovaglia mucronata (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonym
Euptychium robustum Hampe, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Garovaglia robusta (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonym
Euptychium setigerum (Sull.) Broth. subsp. setigerum, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Pilotrichum setigerum Sull., legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymGarovaglia setigera (Sull.) Mitt., legitimate (1868) taxonomic synonymGarovaglia longicuspes Broth., legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonym
Glyphothecium sciuroides (Hook.) Hampe, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Leskea sciuroides Hook., legitimate (1819) nomenclatural synonymCladomnion sciuroides (Hook.) Wilson, legitimate (1854) nomenclatural synonymStereodon sciuroides (Hook.) Mitt., legitimate (1860) nomenclatural synonymPtychothecium sciuroides (Hook.) Hampe, legitimate (1881) nomenclatural synonymGarovaglia sciuroides (Hook.) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymGlyptothecium sciuroides (Hook.) Broth. ex Paris, legitimate (1909) nomenclatural synonymNeckera glyphotheca Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) taxonomic synonymGarovaglia glyphotheca Müll.Hal., nom. illeg. (1882) taxonomic synonymGlyphothecium muellerianum Hampe, legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymCladomnion muellerianum (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1877) taxonomic synonymPtychothecium muelleri Hampe, nom. inval. (1881) taxonomic synonymGarovaglia muelleriana (Hampe) Mitt., nom. illeg. (1882) taxonomic synonymCladomnion tasmanicum Müll.Hal. ex M.Fleisch., nom. illeg. (1918) taxonomic synonym
Hampeella alaris (Dixon & Sainsbury) Sainsbury, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Glyphothecium alare Dixon & Sainsbury, legitimate (1933) nomenclatural synonym
Hampeella pallens (Sande Lac.) M.Fleisch., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Cladomnion pallens Sande Lac., legitimate (1872) nomenclatural synonymHampeella kurzii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonymLepidopilum australe Broth., legitimate (1891) taxonomic synonymWhiteleggea australis (Broth.) Broth. ex Paris, nom. inval. (1909) taxonomic synonymSematophyllum australe Broth., nom. illeg. (1935) taxonomic synonym

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