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A tree element is an element of a classification tree structure (also known as a Node). The element holds the position of a Taxon Concept in an arrangement of taxon that we refer to generically as a tree.
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Bryophyta / Bryopsida / Dicraniidae
46 sub taxa
Acaulon integrifolium Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Sphaerangium integrifolium (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) nomenclatural synonymAcaulon apiculatum Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymPhascum apiculatum Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1854) taxonomic synonymSphaerangium apiculatum (Mitt.) Schimp., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymPhascum apiculatum var. turgidum Mitt., legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymAcaulon apiculatum var. turgidum (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymSphaerangium apiculatum var. turgidum (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonymAcaulon turgidum (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymAcaulon sullivanii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1888) taxonomic synonymSphaerangium sullivanii (Müll.Hal.) Kindb., legitimate (1889) taxonomic synonymAcaulon austromuticum Geh. ex G.Roth, legitimate (1914) taxonomic synonymAcaulon apiculatum var. aristatum J.H.Willis, legitimate (1954) taxonomic synonymAcaulon integrifolium var. aristatum (J.H.Willis) J.H.Willis, legitimate (1957) taxonomic synonym
Acaulon mediterraneum Limpr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Acaulon muticum var. mediterraneum (Hedw.) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1972) nomenclatural synonym
Acaulon triquetrum (Spruce) Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Phascum triquetrum Spruce, legitimate (1845) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina aloides (F.W.Schultz) Kindb., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum aloides Koch ex Schultz, legitimate (1823) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina aloides var. ambigua (Bruch & Schimp.) E.J.Craig, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula ambigua Bruch & Schimp., legitimate (1842) nomenclatural synonymAloina ambigua (Bruch & Schimp.) Limpr., legitimate (1888) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina rigida (Hedw.) Limpr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula rigida Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina sullivaniana (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula sullivaniana Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonymTortula sullivaniana (Müll.Hal.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) nomenclatural synonymTortula lamellosa Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula lamellosa Müll.Hal. ex Geh., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1897) taxonomic synonym
Barbula calycina Schwägr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula calycina (Schwägr.) Hook. & Grev., legitimate (1824) nomenclatural synonymTortella calycina (Schwägr.) Dixon, legitimate (1924) nomenclatural synonymBarbula calycina var. brevicaulis Hampe, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1856) taxonomic synonymTortula calycina var. brevicaulis Mitt., nom. inval. (1882) taxonomic synonymEncalypta aristata Hampe, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonymEncalypta cristata Hampe ex F.Muell., nom. inval. (1881) taxonomic synonymPyramitrium aristatum (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymBarbula aristatula Müll.Hal., legitimate (1879) taxonomic synonymTortula aristatula (Müll.Hal.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Barbula consanguinea (Thwaites & Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula consanguinea Thwaites & Mitt., legitimate (1873) nomenclatural synonym
Barbula ehrenbergii (Lorentz) M.Fleisch., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum ehrenbergii Lorentz, legitimate (1868) nomenclatural synonym
Barbula indica (Hook.) Spreng., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula indica Hook., legitimate (1819) nomenclatural synonym
Barbula luteola (Mitt.) Paris ex Catches., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula luteola Mitt., legitimate (1856) nomenclatural synonymBarbula luteola Paris, nom. illeg. (1894) nomenclatural synonymBarbula pungens A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) taxonomic synonymTortula pungens Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1859) taxonomic synonym
Barbula subcalycina Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula subcalycina (Müll.Hal.) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymWeissia squarrosa Broth. ex F.M.Bailey, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1890) taxonomic synonymBarbula speirostega Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymBarbula angusticaulis Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel., nom. illeg. (1902) taxonomic synonymTortella angusticaulis Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula pseudopilifera var. scabrinervis Broth. & Watts, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1912) taxonomic synonym
Barbula tenuirostris Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula incerta Dixon, nom. illeg. (1942) taxonomic synonym
Bryoerythrophyllum dubium (Schwägr.) P.Sollman, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Syrrhopodon dubius Schwägr., legitimate (1842) nomenclatural synonymDidymodon dubius (Schwägr.) Paris, legitimate (1904) nomenclatural synonymCodonoblepharon schwaegrichenii A.Jaeger, nom. illeg. (1874) taxonomic synonymZygodon schwaegrichenii Müll.Hal., nom. illeg. (1845) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum binnsii R.Br.bis, legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymDidymodon binnsii (R.Br.bis) Dixon, legitimate (1923) taxonomic synonymErythrobarbula binnsii (R.Br.bis) Sainsbury, legitimate (1952) taxonomic synonymBryoerythrophyllum binnsii (R.Br.bis) Wijk & Margad., legitimate (1959) taxonomic synonymBarbula glaucula Broth., nom. illeg. (1916) taxonomic synonym
Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedw.) P.C.Chen, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Weissia recurvirostris Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymErythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedw.) Loeske, legitimate (1908) nomenclatural synonymDidymodon recurvirostris (Hedw.) Jenn., legitimate (1913) nomenclatural synonymBarbula recurvirostris (Hedw.) Dixon, legitimate (1933) nomenclatural synonymErythrobarbula recurvirostris (Hedw.) Steere, legitimate (1951) nomenclatural synonymDidymodon rubellus Bruch & Schimp., nom. illeg. (1846) taxonomic synonymBarbula glabriuscula Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum subrubellum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Calymperastrum latifolium (Hampe) I.G.Stone, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Calymperes latifolium Hampe, legitimate (1846) nomenclatural synonym
Calyptopogon mnioides (Schwägr.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula mnioides Schwägr., legitimate (1842) nomenclatural synonymTortula mnioides (Schwägr.) Mont., legitimate (1850) nomenclatural synonymStreptopogon mnioides (Schwägr.) Mitt., legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonymBarbula mnioides Schwägr., legitimate (1842) taxonomic synonymBarbula crispata Hampe, legitimate (1876) taxonomic synonymStreptopogon crispatus (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) taxonomic synonymCalyptopogon crispatus (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymTortula crispata (Hampe) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula wilhelmii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymStreptopogon wilhelmii (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymCalyptopogon wilhelmii (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymTortula wilhelmii (Müll.Hal.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Chenia leptophyllum (Müll.Hal.) R.H.Zander, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Phascum leptophyllum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1888) nomenclatural synonymLeptophascum leptophyllum (Müll.Hal.) J.Guerra & Cano, legitimate (2000) nomenclatural synonymTortula evanescens Broth., legitimate (1916) taxonomic synonymPhyscomitrium rhizophyllum Sakurai, legitimate (1938) taxonomic synonymTortula rhizophylla (Sakurai) Z.Iwats. & K.Saito, legitimate (1972) taxonomic synonym
Chionoloma bombayense (Müll.Hal.) P.Sollman, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum bombayense Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) nomenclatural synonymPseudosymblepharis bombayensis (Müll.Hal.) P.Sollman, legitimate (1996) nomenclatural synonymTortula angustata Mitt., legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymPseudosymblepharis angustata (Mitt.) Hilp., legitimate (1933) taxonomic synonym
Crossidium geheebii (Broth.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula geheebii Broth., legitimate (1900) nomenclatural synonymBarbula geheebii (Broth.) Paris, nom. illeg. (1904) nomenclatural synonym
Didymodon australasiae (Hook. & Grev.) R.H.Zander, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula australasiae Hook. & Grev., legitimate (1824) nomenclatural synonymBarbula australasiae (Hook. & Grev.) Brid., legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonymTrichostomopsis australasiae (Hook. & Grev.) H.Rob., legitimate (1970) nomenclatural synonymBarbula menziesiana Spreng., nom. inval. (1827) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum calcicola Hampe, legitimate (1844) taxonomic synonymTortula calcicola (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymBarbula calcicola (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula rufiseta Taylor, legitimate (1846) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum fuscescens Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymTortula fuscescens Hook.f. & Wilson ex Hook.f., nom. inval. (1867) taxonomic synonymBarbula acrophylla Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymBarbula nanocaulis Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Didymodon tophaceus (Brid.) Lisa, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum tophaceum Brid., legitimate () nomenclatural synonymBarbula wildii Broth., legitimate (1891) taxonomic synonymTortula wildii Broth. ex F.M.Bailey, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1891) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum wildii (Broth.) Kindb., legitimate (1891) taxonomic synonymDidymodon wildii (Broth.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Didymodon torquatus (Taylor) Catches., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula torquata Taylor, legitimate (1846) nomenclatural synonymTortula torquata (Taylor) Wilson, legitimate (1854) nomenclatural synonymBarbula subtorquata Müll.Hal. & Hampe, legitimate (1853) taxonomic synonymTortula subtorquata (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymDidymodon subtorquatus (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) Catches., legitimate (1980) taxonomic synonymTortula crispifolia Mitt., legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymBarbula crispifolia (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonymBarbula luehmannii Broth. & Geh., legitimate (1895) taxonomic synonymDidymodon luehmannii (Broth. & Geh.) Catches., legitimate (1980) taxonomic synonymBarbula chrysochaete Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymBarbula chrysopus Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym

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