APC: Dicraniidae
A tree element is an element of a classification tree structure (also known as a Node). The element holds the position of a Taxon Concept in an arrangement of taxon that we refer to generically as a tree.
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Bryophyta / Bryopsida
198 sub taxa
Archidium wattsii (Broth.) I.G.Stone, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Splachnobryum wattsii Broth., legitimate (1900) nomenclatural synonym
Arthrocormus schimperi (Dozy & Molk.) Dozy & Molk., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Mielichhoferia schimperi Dozy & Molk., legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonym
Calymperes crassinerve (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Thyridium crassinerve Mitt., legitimate (1869) nomenclatural synonymSyrrhopodon strictifolius Mitt., legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonym
Calymperes erosum Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Calymperes kennedianum Hampe, legitimate (1876) taxonomic synonym
Calymperes graeffeanum Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Calymperes hyophilaceum Müll.Hal. ex Besch., legitimate (1896) taxonomic synonym
Calymperes moluccense Schwägr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Calymperes palisotii subsp. moluccense (Schwägr.) M.Menzel, legitimate (1990) nomenclatural synonymCalymperes nigrescens Broth. & Geh., legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonym
Calymperes motleyi Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Calymperes panduraefolium Broth., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Calymperes tahitense (Sull.) Mitt., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Syrrhopodon tahitensis Sull., legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonym
Calymperes tenerum Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Calymperes tenerum var. edamense M.Fleisch., legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonym
Campylopodium lineare (Mitt.) Dixon, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranodontium lineare Mitt., legitimate (1867) nomenclatural synonymCynodontium tasmanicum Broth. & Rodway, legitimate (1913) taxonomic synonym
Campylopodium medium (Duby) Giese & J.-P.Frahm, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Didymodon medium Duby, legitimate (1846) nomenclatural synonymAongstroemia euphoroclada Müll.Hal., legitimate (1848) taxonomic synonymCampylopodium euphorocladum (Müll.Hal.) Besch., legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonymDicranodontium flexipes Mitt., legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymCampylopodium flexipes (Mitt.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonym
Dicnemon calycinum (Hook.) Schwägr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Leucodon calycinus Hook., legitimate (1818) nomenclatural synonymDicnemos calycinus (Hook.) Broth., nom. inval. (1901) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranella apophysatula (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Aongstroemia apophysatula Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonymMicrodus apophysatulus (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonym
Dicranella baileyana (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Microdus baileyanus (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1896) nomenclatural synonymAongstroemia baileyana Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranella cardotii (R.Br.bis) Dixon, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum cardotii R.Br.bis, legitimate (1903) nomenclatural synonymDicranella wattsii Broth., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymDichodontium wattsii (Broth.) Broth., legitimate (1912) taxonomic synonymAnisothecium wattsii (Broth.) Broth., legitimate (1924) taxonomic synonym
Dicranella dietrichiae (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Aongstroemia dietrichiae Müll.Hal., legitimate (1868) nomenclatural synonymAongstroemia tricruris Müll.Hal., legitimate (1868) taxonomic synonymDichodontium tricrure (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonymDicranella tricruris (Müll.Hal.) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonym
Dicranella hookeri (Müll.Hal.) Cardot, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Aongstroemia hookeri Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) nomenclatural synonymAnisothecium hookeri (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1924) nomenclatural synonymAongstroemia perdivaricata Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymDicranella perdivaricata (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonym
Dicranella jamesonii (Mitt.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Anisothecium jamesonii Mitt., legitimate (1869) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum jamesonii Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonym
Dicranella pycnoglossa (Broth.) Kindb., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Anisothecium pycnoglossum Broth., legitimate (1890) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranella schreberiana (Hedw.) Hilf. ex H.A.Crum & L.E.Anderson, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum schreberianum Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymAnisothecium schreberianum (Hedw.) Dixon, legitimate (1934) nomenclatural synonymDicranella schreberi Schimp., legitimate (1856) taxonomic synonymAnisothecium crispum Lindb., legitimate (1878) taxonomic synonym
Dicranella stackhousiana (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Aongstroemia stackhousiana Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonymMicrodus stackhousianus (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranoloma austroscoparium (Broth.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Leucoloma austroscoparium Müll.Hal. ex Broth., legitimate (1895) nomenclatural synonymDicranum austroscoparium (Broth.) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonymDicranoloma wattsii Broth., legitimate (1918) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoloma billarderii (Brid.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum billarderii Brid., legitimate (1802) nomenclatural synonymOncophorus billarderii (Brid.) Brid., legitimate (1826) nomenclatural synonymLeucoloma billarderii (Brid.) Broth., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonymDicranum billarderii var. duriusculum Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1845) taxonomic synonymDicranum confine Müll.Hal. & Hampe, legitimate (1856) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma confine (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma confine (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum angustinerve Mitt., legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma angustinerve (Mitt.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma angustinerve (Mitt.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum austrocongestum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma austrocongestum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma austrocongestum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum baileyanum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma baileyanum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranum pungentella Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma pungentella (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma pungentella (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum weymouthii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma weymouthii (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma weymouthii (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum limbatum Broth., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1901) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma limbatum Broth. ex Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma limbatum Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1906) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoloma braunii (Bosch & Sande Lac.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum braunii Müll.Hal. ex Bosch & Sande Lac., legitimate (1858) nomenclatural synonymDicranoloma spiniforme E.B.Bartram, legitimate (1952) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoloma diaphanoneuron (Hampe) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum diaphanoneuron Hampe, legitimate (1870) nomenclatural synonymLeucoloma diaphanoneuron (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonymDicranum austrinum Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymEudicranum austrinum Mitt., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1881) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma austrinum (Mitt.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1906) taxonomic synonymDicranum contortifolium E.B.Bartram, legitimate (1951) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoloma dicarpum (Nees) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum dicarpum Nees, legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonymLeucoloma dicarpum (Nees) Broth., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonymDicranum subaggregatum R.Br. ex Schwägr., nom. illeg. (1829) taxonomic synonymDicranum leucolomoides Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) taxonomic synonymDicranum dicarpum var. spinosum Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma dicarpum var. spinosum (Wilson) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum polychaetum Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymDicranum polysetum Hampe, nom. illeg. (1860) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma polysetum Broth., nom. illeg. (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma polysetum Paris, nom. illeg. (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma polychaetum (Mitt.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1906) taxonomic synonymDicranum argutum Hampe, legitimate (1870) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma argutum (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma argutum (Hampe) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum chlorocladum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1876) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma chlorocladum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma chlorocladum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum whiteleggei Müll.Hal. ex Broth., legitimate (1895) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma whiteleggei (Broth.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma whiteleggei (Broth.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum novae-hollandiae Hornsch. ex Cardot, nom. illeg. (1908) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma elimbatum Dixon, legitimate (1942) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoloma eucamptodontoides (Broth. & Geh.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum eucamptodontoides Broth. & Geh., legitimate (1895) nomenclatural synonymLeucoloma eucamptodontoides (Broth. & Geh.) Broth., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranoloma fasciatum (Hedw.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum fasciatum Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranoloma leichhardtii (Hampe) Watts & Whitel., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum leichhardtii Hampe, legitimate (1870) nomenclatural synonymLeucoloma leichhardtii (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1872) nomenclatural synonymPoecilophyllum leichhardtii (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymLeucoloma serratum Broth., legitimate (1891) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma serratum (Broth.) Renauld, legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranum monocarpum Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma monocarpum Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1906) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma monocarpum Paris ex Dixon, nom. illeg. (1942) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma harrisii Geh., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma harrisii Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1906) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoloma menziesii (Taylor) Renauld, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum menziesii Taylor, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymLeucoloma menziesii (Taylor) Broth., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonymDicranum brachypelma Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) taxonomic synonymDicranum kaiparense Paris, nom. illeg. (1895) taxonomic synonymDicranum menziesii var. rigidum Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma menziesii var. rigidum (Wilson) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma menziesii var. rigidum (Wilson) Dixon, legitimate (1912) taxonomic synonymDicranum nudum Hampe, legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymCampylopus nudus (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonymDicranum suberectum Hampe, legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma suberectum (Hampe) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum trichophyllum Hampe, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma trichophyllum (Hampe) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum kroneanum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma kroneanum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma kroneanum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum bartramioides Broth., legitimate (1893) taxonomic synonymCampylopus bartramioides Broth., legitimate (1893) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma bartramioides (Broth.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma bartramioides (Broth.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum oedithecium Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma oedithecium (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma oedithecium (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoloma robustum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum robustum Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymDicranum pungens Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) taxonomic synonymDicranum robustum var. pungens (Hook.f. & Wilson) Hook.f., legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma pungens (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma robustum var. pungens (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris, legitimate (1946) taxonomic synonymDicranum setosum Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma setosum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma robustum var. setosum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Sainsbury, legitimate (1931) taxonomic synonymDicranum punctulatum Hampe, legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma punctulatum (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma punctulatum (Hampe) Renauld ex Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum subpungens Hampe, legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma subpungens (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma subpungens (Hampe) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum calymperidium F.M.Bailey, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1886) taxonomic synonymDicranum integerrimum Broth. & Geh., legitimate (1895) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma integerrimum (Broth. & Geh.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma integerrimum (Broth. & Geh.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum burchardtii Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymDicranum rigens Burchard & Broth. ex Müll.Hal., nom. illeg. (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma rigens Broth., nom. illeg. (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma burchardtii (Paris) Paris, legitimate (1906) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma rigens Renauld, nom. illeg. (1909) taxonomic synonymDicranum calymperaceum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma calymperaceum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma calymperaceum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum subsetosum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma subsetosum (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma subsetosum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranum sullivanii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymLeucoloma sullivanii (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma sullivanii (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1904) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma angustiflorum Dixon, legitimate (1915) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma perichaetiale Sainsbury, legitimate (1953) taxonomic synonym
Dicranum scoparium Hedw., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum scoparium var. orthophyllum Brid., legitimate (1806) taxonomic synonym
Chrysoblastella chilensis (Mont.) Reimers, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum chilense Mont., legitimate (1845) nomenclatural synonymCheilothela chilensis (Mont.) Broth., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonym
Ditrichum brachycarpum Hampe, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Leptotrichum brachycarpum (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum subbrachycarpum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymDitrichum subbrachycarpum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymDitrichum calcareum Broth., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonym
Ditrichum brevirostre (R.Br.bis) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum brevirostre R.Br.bis, legitimate (1897) nomenclatural synonym
Ditrichum cylindricarpum (Müll.Hal.) F.Muell., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Leptotrichum cylindricarpum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) nomenclatural synonymTrichostomum cylindricarpum (Müll.Hal.) Wilson, legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonymTrichostomum elongatum Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymCynontodium elongatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum elongatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonymDitrichum elongatum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymDitrichum scabrifolium Mitt., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1882) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum scabrifolium W.Archer bis & Mitt., nom. illeg. (1914) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum strictiusculum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymDitrichum strictiusculum (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonym
Ditrichum difficile (Duby) M.Fleisch., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum difficile Duby, legitimate (1846) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum affine Müll.Hal., legitimate (1847) taxonomic synonymDitrichum affine (Müll.Hal.) Hampe, legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum laxifolium Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymDitrichum laxifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum laxifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1901) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum setosum Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymDitrichum setosum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Reichardt, legitimate (1870) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum flexifolium Mitt., legitimate (1856) taxonomic synonymDitrichum flexifolium (Mitt.) Hampe, legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum muelleri Hampe, legitimate (1856) taxonomic synonymDitrichum muelleri (Hampe) Hampe, legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymLophiodon muelleri (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum oldfieldii Mitt., legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum oldfieldii (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymDitrichum oldfieldii (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonymDitrichum baileyi Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1904) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum baileyi Müll.Hal. ex Kindb., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1889) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum semilunare Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymDitrichum semilunare (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum viride Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymDitrichum viride (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymDitrichum flavipes Müll.Hal. ex Rodway, legitimate (1913) taxonomic synonym
Ditrichum rufoaureum (Hampe) J.H.Willis, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Aongstroemia rufoaurea Hampe, legitimate (1860) nomenclatural synonymDicranella rufoaurea (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1872) nomenclatural synonymDitrichum furoaureum (Hampe) J.H.Willis ex Seppelt, nom. inval. (1982) nomenclatural synonym
Ditrichum strictum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Hampe, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Lophiodon strictus Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonymTrichostomum australe Mitt., legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymLeptotrichum australe Mitt., nom. illeg. (1860) taxonomic synonymCynontodium australe (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymDitrichum australe (Mitt.) Mitt., nom. illeg. (1879) taxonomic synonym
Ditrichum subcapillaceum (Müll.Hal.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Leptotrichum subcapillaceum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1901) nomenclatural synonym
Campylopus acuminatus Mitt. var. acuminatus, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus kirkii var. pilosus J.-P.Frahm, legitimate (1981) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus acuminatus var. kirkii (Mitt.) J.-P.Frahm, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus kirkii Mitt., legitimate (1894) nomenclatural synonymDicranum kirkii Broth. & Geh., nom. illeg. (1904) nomenclatural synonymDicnemon moorei Broth. & Geh., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1897) taxonomic synonymDicnemos moorei Watts & Whitel., nom. inval. (1902) taxonomic synonymDicranum nigroflavum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymCampylopus nigroflavus (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymCampylopus denticuspis Broth., nom. illeg. (1916) taxonomic synonymCampylopus denticuspis var. lutescens Broth., legitimate (1916) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus australis Catches. & J.-P.Frahm, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus angustilimbatus E.B.Bartram, nom. illeg. (1951) nomenclatural synonym
Campylopus bicolor (Müll.Hal.) Wilson var. bicolor, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum bicolor Hornsch. ex Müll.Hal., legitimate (1848) taxonomic synonymCampylopus caducipilus Besch., legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymCampylopus subbicolor Geh. & Broth. ex Müll.Hal., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1901) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus bicolor var. ericeticola (Müll.Hal.) Dixon, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus ericeticola Müll.Hal., legitimate (1900) nomenclatural synonymCampylopus davalianus Watts, legitimate (1922) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus boswellii (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum boswellii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1896) nomenclatural synonym
Campylopus catarractilis (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum catarractilis Müll.Hal., legitimate (1899) nomenclatural synonym
Campylopus chilensis De Not., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus flavonigritus Dusén, legitimate (1905) taxonomic synonymCampylopus subappressifolius Broth. & Geh., legitimate (1913) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus clavatus Wilson, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum clavatum R.Br., legitimate (1829) nomenclatural synonymCampylopus insititius Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymDicranum insititium Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1881) taxonomic synonymCampylopus insidiosus Hook.f. & Wilson ex Mitt., nom. inval. (1882) taxonomic synonymCampylopus appressifolius Mitt., legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymCampylopus rodwayi Broth., legitimate (1914) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus comosus (Schwägr.) Bosch & Sande Lac., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum comosum Schwägr., legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonym
Campylopus ericoides (Griff.) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum ericoides Griff., legitimate (1842) nomenclatural synonymDicranum involutum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1853) taxonomic synonymCampylopus involutus (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus flexuosus (Hedw.) Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum flexuosum Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymCampylopus wattsii Broth., legitimate (1918) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus fragilis (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum fragile Brid., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonym
Campylopus incrassatus Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus flavoviridis Dusén, legitimate (1905) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus introflexus (Hedw.) Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum introflexum Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymThysanomitrion introflexum (Hedw.) Arn., legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonymDicranum pudicum Hornsch. ex Müll.Hal., legitimate (1848) taxonomic synonymCampylopus pudicus (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonymCampylopus introflexus subsp. pudicus (Müll.Hal.) Dixon, legitimate (1923) taxonomic synonymDicranum leptocephalum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) taxonomic synonymCampylopus leptocephalus (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonymCampylopus australiensis Duby, legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymCampylopus erythropoma Duby, legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymCampylopus tasmanicus Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymDicranum tasmanicum Müll.Hal., nom. illeg. (1897) taxonomic synonymDicranum senex Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymCampylopus senex (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymCampylopus introflexus var. genuinus Giacom., legitimate (1955) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus purpureocaulis Dusén, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Campylopus arboricola Cardot & Dixon, legitimate (1923) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus pyriformis (Schultz) Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum pyriforme Schultz, legitimate (1819) nomenclatural synonymCampylopus torfaceus Bruch & Schimp., legitimate (1847) taxonomic synonymDicranum torfaceum (Bruch & Schimp.) Mitt., legitimate (1856) taxonomic synonymCampylopus pallidus Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymDicranum torquatum Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymCampylopus capillatus Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymDicranum capillatus (Hook.f. & Wilson) Beckett, legitimate (1893) taxonomic synonymCampylopus torquatus Mitt., legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymCampylopus subtorquatus Müll.Hal., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1876) taxonomic synonymDicranum antipodum Hampe, nom. illeg. (1881) taxonomic synonymCampylopus subtorquatus var. flavifolius Müll.Hal. ex F.M.Bailey, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1890) taxonomic synonymCampylopus intorquatus var. flavifolius Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1959) taxonomic synonymCampylopus whiteleggei Müll.Hal. ex Broth., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1897) taxonomic synonymDicranum viridicatum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymCampylopus viridicatus (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymDicranum woollsii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymCampylopus woollsii (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymCampylopus woollsianus Broth., nom. inval. (1901) taxonomic synonymCampylopus novae-valesiae Broth., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymCampylopus woollsii var. cylindrica Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymCampylopus lenormandii Thér., legitimate (1936) taxonomic synonymCampylopus intorquatus Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1959) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus schmidii (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum schmidii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1853) nomenclatural synonym
Campylopus sinensis (Müll.Hal.) J.-P.Frahm, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum sinense Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) nomenclatural synonymCampylopus japonicus Broth., legitimate (1899) taxonomic synonymCampylopus eberhardtii Paris, legitimate (1908) taxonomic synonymCampylopus excurrens Dixon, legitimate (1941) taxonomic synonym
Campylopus umbellatus (Arn.) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Thysanomitrion umbellatum Schwägr. & Gaudich. ex Arn., legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonymCampylopus geniculatus Ångstr., nom. illeg. (1872) taxonomic synonym
Amphidium tortuosum (Hornsch.) Cufod., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Syrrhopodon tortuosus Hornsch., legitimate (1841) nomenclatural synonymZygodon cyathicarpus Mont., legitimate (1845) taxonomic synonymDidymodon cyathicarpus (Mont.) Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymRhabdoweisia cyathicarpa (Mont.) Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymAmphoridium cyathicarpum (Mont.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1874) taxonomic synonymAmphidium cyathicarpum (Mont.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymZygodon remotidens Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymAmphoridium maclanniae Müll.Hal., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1897) taxonomic synonymAmphoridium remotidens (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1900) taxonomic synonymAmphidium remotidens (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Dicranoweisia antarctica (Müll.Hal.) Kindb., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Blindia antarctica Müll.Hal., legitimate (1848) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranoweisia brevipes (Müll.Hal.) Cardot, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Blindia brevipes Müll.Hal., legitimate (1890) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranoweisia grimmiacea (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Blindia grimmiacea Müll.Hal., legitimate (1890) nomenclatural synonym
Dicranoweisia microcarpa (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Weissia microcarpa Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonymDicranum microcarpum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymBrachydontium microcarpum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Ochyra, legitimate (1999) nomenclatural synonymWeissia bicolor Hampe, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1880) taxonomic synonym
Distichium capillaceum (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Cynontodium capillaceum Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum capillaceum (Hedw.) Mitt., legitimate (1860) nomenclatural synonymDitrichum capillaceum (Hedw.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) nomenclatural synonym
Blindia contecta (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Weissia contecta Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1844) nomenclatural synonym
Blindia ferruginea (Wilson) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Dicranum ferrugineum Wilson, legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum ferrugineum (Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1860) nomenclatural synonymDichodontium ferrugineum (Wilson) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) nomenclatural synonymAnisothecium ferrugineum (Wilson) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymDitrichum ferrugineum (Wilson) Paris, legitimate (1896) nomenclatural synonymLeptotrichum brachycarpum Mitt. ex Paris, nom. inval. (1904) nomenclatural synonymLeptodontium ferrugineum Mitt. ex Dixon, nom. inval. (1929) nomenclatural synonym
Blindia magellanica Schimp. ex Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Blindia acuta var. curviseta Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymBlindia arcuata Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymBlindia curviseta Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonym
Blindia robusta Hampe, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Blindia tenuifolia Mitt., legitimate (1869) taxonomic synonymDicranum tenuifolium Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1844) taxonomic synonymDicranum angustifolium Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymDicranoloma angustifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1906) taxonomic synonymBlindia tasmanica Sainsbury, legitimate (1953) taxonomic synonym
Acaulon integrifolium Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Sphaerangium integrifolium (Müll.Hal.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) nomenclatural synonymAcaulon apiculatum Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymPhascum apiculatum Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1854) taxonomic synonymSphaerangium apiculatum (Mitt.) Schimp., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymPhascum apiculatum var. turgidum Mitt., legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymAcaulon apiculatum var. turgidum (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1860) taxonomic synonymSphaerangium apiculatum var. turgidum (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonymAcaulon turgidum (Mitt.) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymAcaulon sullivanii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1888) taxonomic synonymSphaerangium sullivanii (Müll.Hal.) Kindb., legitimate (1889) taxonomic synonymAcaulon austromuticum Geh. ex G.Roth, legitimate (1914) taxonomic synonymAcaulon apiculatum var. aristatum J.H.Willis, legitimate (1954) taxonomic synonymAcaulon integrifolium var. aristatum (J.H.Willis) J.H.Willis, legitimate (1957) taxonomic synonym
Acaulon mediterraneum Limpr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Acaulon muticum var. mediterraneum (Hedw.) Müll.Hal., legitimate (1972) nomenclatural synonym
Acaulon triquetrum (Spruce) Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Phascum triquetrum Spruce, legitimate (1845) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina aloides (F.W.Schultz) Kindb., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum aloides Koch ex Schultz, legitimate (1823) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina aloides var. ambigua (Bruch & Schimp.) E.J.Craig, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula ambigua Bruch & Schimp., legitimate (1842) nomenclatural synonymAloina ambigua (Bruch & Schimp.) Limpr., legitimate (1888) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina rigida (Hedw.) Limpr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula rigida Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonym
Aloina sullivaniana (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula sullivaniana Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) nomenclatural synonymTortula sullivaniana (Müll.Hal.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) nomenclatural synonymTortula lamellosa Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula lamellosa Müll.Hal. ex Geh., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1897) taxonomic synonym
Barbula calycina Schwägr., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula calycina (Schwägr.) Hook. & Grev., legitimate (1824) nomenclatural synonymTortella calycina (Schwägr.) Dixon, legitimate (1924) nomenclatural synonymBarbula calycina var. brevicaulis Hampe, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1856) taxonomic synonymTortula calycina var. brevicaulis Mitt., nom. inval. (1882) taxonomic synonymEncalypta aristata Hampe, legitimate (1872) taxonomic synonymEncalypta cristata Hampe ex F.Muell., nom. inval. (1881) taxonomic synonymPyramitrium aristatum (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymBarbula aristatula Müll.Hal., legitimate (1879) taxonomic synonymTortula aristatula (Müll.Hal.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Barbula consanguinea (Thwaites & Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula consanguinea Thwaites & Mitt., legitimate (1873) nomenclatural synonym
Barbula ehrenbergii (Lorentz) M.Fleisch., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum ehrenbergii Lorentz, legitimate (1868) nomenclatural synonym
Barbula indica (Hook.) Spreng., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula indica Hook., legitimate (1819) nomenclatural synonym
Barbula luteola (Mitt.) Paris ex Catches., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula luteola Mitt., legitimate (1856) nomenclatural synonymBarbula luteola Paris, nom. illeg. (1894) nomenclatural synonymBarbula pungens A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) taxonomic synonymTortula pungens Hook.f. & Wilson, nom. illeg. (1859) taxonomic synonym
Barbula subcalycina Müll.Hal., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula subcalycina (Müll.Hal.) Mitt., legitimate (1882) nomenclatural synonymWeissia squarrosa Broth. ex F.M.Bailey, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1890) taxonomic synonymBarbula speirostega Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymBarbula angusticaulis Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel., nom. illeg. (1902) taxonomic synonymTortella angusticaulis Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel., nom. inval., nom. nud. (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula pseudopilifera var. scabrinervis Broth. & Watts, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1912) taxonomic synonym
Barbula tenuirostris Brid., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula incerta Dixon, nom. illeg. (1942) taxonomic synonym
Bryoerythrophyllum dubium (Schwägr.) P.Sollman, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Syrrhopodon dubius Schwägr., legitimate (1842) nomenclatural synonymDidymodon dubius (Schwägr.) Paris, legitimate (1904) nomenclatural synonymCodonoblepharon schwaegrichenii A.Jaeger, nom. illeg. (1874) taxonomic synonymZygodon schwaegrichenii Müll.Hal., nom. illeg. (1845) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum binnsii R.Br.bis, legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymDidymodon binnsii (R.Br.bis) Dixon, legitimate (1923) taxonomic synonymErythrobarbula binnsii (R.Br.bis) Sainsbury, legitimate (1952) taxonomic synonymBryoerythrophyllum binnsii (R.Br.bis) Wijk & Margad., legitimate (1959) taxonomic synonymBarbula glaucula Broth., nom. illeg. (1916) taxonomic synonym
Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedw.) P.C.Chen, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Weissia recurvirostris Hedw., legitimate (1801) nomenclatural synonymErythrophyllum recurvirostre (Hedw.) Loeske, legitimate (1908) nomenclatural synonymDidymodon recurvirostris (Hedw.) Jenn., legitimate (1913) nomenclatural synonymBarbula recurvirostris (Hedw.) Dixon, legitimate (1933) nomenclatural synonymErythrobarbula recurvirostris (Hedw.) Steere, legitimate (1951) nomenclatural synonymDidymodon rubellus Bruch & Schimp., nom. illeg. (1846) taxonomic synonymBarbula glabriuscula Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum subrubellum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Calymperastrum latifolium (Hampe) I.G.Stone, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Calymperes latifolium Hampe, legitimate (1846) nomenclatural synonym
Calyptopogon mnioides (Schwägr.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula mnioides Schwägr., legitimate (1842) nomenclatural synonymTortula mnioides (Schwägr.) Mont., legitimate (1850) nomenclatural synonymStreptopogon mnioides (Schwägr.) Mitt., legitimate (1859) nomenclatural synonymBarbula mnioides Schwägr., legitimate (1842) taxonomic synonymBarbula crispata Hampe, legitimate (1876) taxonomic synonymStreptopogon crispatus (Hampe) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1879) taxonomic synonymCalyptopogon crispatus (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymTortula crispata (Hampe) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula wilhelmii Müll.Hal., legitimate (1897) taxonomic synonymStreptopogon wilhelmii (Müll.Hal.) Paris, legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymCalyptopogon wilhelmii (Müll.Hal.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymTortula wilhelmii (Müll.Hal.) Watts & Whitel., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Chenia leptophyllum (Müll.Hal.) R.H.Zander, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Phascum leptophyllum Müll.Hal., legitimate (1888) nomenclatural synonymLeptophascum leptophyllum (Müll.Hal.) J.Guerra & Cano, legitimate (2000) nomenclatural synonymTortula evanescens Broth., legitimate (1916) taxonomic synonymPhyscomitrium rhizophyllum Sakurai, legitimate (1938) taxonomic synonymTortula rhizophylla (Sakurai) Z.Iwats. & K.Saito, legitimate (1972) taxonomic synonym
Chionoloma bombayense (Müll.Hal.) P.Sollman, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum bombayense Müll.Hal., legitimate (1851) nomenclatural synonymPseudosymblepharis bombayensis (Müll.Hal.) P.Sollman, legitimate (1996) nomenclatural synonymTortula angustata Mitt., legitimate (1859) taxonomic synonymPseudosymblepharis angustata (Mitt.) Hilp., legitimate (1933) taxonomic synonym
Crossidium geheebii (Broth.) Broth., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula geheebii Broth., legitimate (1900) nomenclatural synonymBarbula geheebii (Broth.) Paris, nom. illeg. (1904) nomenclatural synonym
Didymodon australasiae (Hook. & Grev.) R.H.Zander, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Tortula australasiae Hook. & Grev., legitimate (1824) nomenclatural synonymBarbula australasiae (Hook. & Grev.) Brid., legitimate (1827) nomenclatural synonymTrichostomopsis australasiae (Hook. & Grev.) H.Rob., legitimate (1970) nomenclatural synonymBarbula menziesiana Spreng., nom. inval. (1827) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum calcicola Hampe, legitimate (1844) taxonomic synonymTortula calcicola (Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymBarbula calcicola (Hampe) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonymBarbula rufiseta Taylor, legitimate (1846) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum fuscescens Hook.f. & Wilson, legitimate (1854) taxonomic synonymTortula fuscescens Hook.f. & Wilson ex Hook.f., nom. inval. (1867) taxonomic synonymBarbula acrophylla Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymBarbula nanocaulis Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym
Didymodon tophaceus (Brid.) Lisa, legitimate AusMoss (2015), Trichostomum tophaceum Brid., legitimate () nomenclatural synonymBarbula wildii Broth., legitimate (1891) taxonomic synonymTortula wildii Broth. ex F.M.Bailey, nom. inval., nom. nud. (1891) taxonomic synonymTrichostomum wildii (Broth.) Kindb., legitimate (1891) taxonomic synonymDidymodon wildii (Broth.) Broth., legitimate (1902) taxonomic synonym
Didymodon torquatus (Taylor) Catches., legitimate AusMoss (2015), Barbula torquata Taylor, legitimate (1846) nomenclatural synonymTortula torquata (Taylor) Wilson, legitimate (1854) nomenclatural synonymBarbula subtorquata Müll.Hal. & Hampe, legitimate (1853) taxonomic synonymTortula subtorquata (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) Mitt., legitimate (1882) taxonomic synonymDidymodon subtorquatus (Müll.Hal. & Hampe) Catches., legitimate (1980) taxonomic synonymTortula crispifolia Mitt., legitimate (1867) taxonomic synonymBarbula crispifolia (Mitt.) A.Jaeger, legitimate (1873) taxonomic synonymBarbula luehmannii Broth. & Geh., legitimate (1895) taxonomic synonymDidymodon luehmannii (Broth. & Geh.) Catches., legitimate (1980) taxonomic synonymBarbula chrysochaete Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonymBarbula chrysopus Müll.Hal., legitimate (1898) taxonomic synonym

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