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CHAH (2010), Australian Plant Census : null - null (Section) CHAH Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Adelanthus occlusus (Hook.f. & Taylor) Carrington
  2. Aneura Dumort.
  3. Aneura alterniloba (Hook.f. & Taylor) Taylor & Hook.f.
  4. Aneura coriacea Steph.
  5. Aneura crassa (Schwägr.) Nees
  6. Aneura longiflora Steph.
  7. Aneura longiflora Steph. f. longiflora
  8. Aneura longiflora f. submersa Rodway
  9. Aneura muscoides Colenso
  10. Aneura pinnatifida Nees
  11. Aneura rufescens Steph.
  12. Aneura spathuliloba Steph.
  13. Aneura stolonifera Steph.
  14. Aneura walesiana Steph.
  15. Anthoceros L.
  16. Anthoceros australiae P.Beauv. ex Steph.
  17. Anthoceros brotheri Steph.
  18. Anthoceros communis Steph.
  19. Anthoceros crispus Steph.
  20. Anthoceros glandulosus Lehm. & Lindenb.
  21. Anthoceros laevis L.
  22. Anthoceros multicapsulus Steph.
  23. Anthoceros tuberosus Taylor
  24. Anthoceros tuberosus (Taylor) Steph.
  25. Aspiromitus glandulosus (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Steph.
  26. Asterella P.Beauv.
  27. Asterella australis (Hook.f. & Taylor) Verd.
  28. Asterella australis (Hook.f. & Taylor) Verd. ex G.A.M.Scott & J.A.Bradshaw
  29. Asterella caucasica (Steph.) Buch, A.Evans & Verd.
  30. Asterella conocephala (Steph.) R.M.Schust.
  31. Asterella dioica (Steph.) H.A.Mill.
  32. Asterella drummondii R.M.Schust.
  33. Asterella drummondii (Taylor) R.M.Schust. ex D.G.Long
  34. Asterella muelleri (Gottsche ex Steph.) R.M.Schust.
  35. Asterella setisquama (Steph.) R.M.Schust.
  36. Asterella subplana (Steph.) R.M.Schust.
  37. Asterella tasmanica (Steph.) R.M.Schust.
  38. Asterella tenella (L.) P.Beauv.
  39. Asterella tenera (Mitt.) R.M.Schust.
  40. Asterella tenerrima (Steph.) H.A.Mill.
  41. Asterella whiteleggeana (Steph.) R.M.Schust.
  42. Calyptrocolea R.M.Schust.
  43. Calyptrocolea occlusa (Hook.f. & Taylor) R.M.Schust.
  44. Dendroceros Nees
  45. Dendroceros ferdinandi-muelleri Steph.
  46. Dendroceros muelleri Steph.
  47. Fimbraria australis Hook.f. & Taylor
  48. Fimbraria caucasica Steph.
  49. Fimbraria conocephala Steph.
  50. Fimbraria dioica Steph.
  51. Fimbraria drummondii Taylor
  52. Fimbraria longebarbata Steph.
  53. Fimbraria muelleri Gottsche ex Steph.
  54. Fimbraria setisquama Steph.
  55. Fimbraria subplana Steph.
  56. Fimbraria tasmanica Steph.
  57. Fimbraria tenella (L.) Nees
  58. Fimbraria tenella var. porphyrocephala Nees
  59. Fimbraria tenella (L.) Nees var. tenella
  60. Fimbraria tenera Mitt.
  61. Fimbraria tenerrima Steph.
  62. Fimbraria whiteleggeana Steph.
  63. Fimbriaria australis Hook.f. & Taylor
  64. Fimbriaria caucasica Steph.
  65. Fimbriaria conocephala Steph.
  66. Fimbriaria dioica Steph.
  67. Fimbriaria drummondii Taylor
  68. Fimbriaria drummondii Taylor
  69. Fimbriaria longebarbata Steph.
  70. Fimbriaria muelleri Steph.
  71. Fimbriaria setisquama Steph.
  72. Fimbriaria subplana Steph.
  73. Fimbriaria tasmanica Steph.
  74. Fimbriaria tenella Nees
  75. Fimbriaria tenella var. porphyrocephala Nees
  76. Fimbriaria tenera Mitt.
  77. Fimbriaria tenerrima Steph.
  78. Fimbriaria whiteleggeana Steph.
  79. Folioceros D.C.Bhardwaj
  80. Folioceros glandulosus (Lehm. & Lindenb.) D.C.Bhardwaj
  81. Gongylanthus Nees
  82. Gongylanthus scariosus (Lehm.) Steph.
  83. Jungermannia alterniloba Hook.f. & Taylor
  84. Jungermannia crassa Schwägr.
  85. Jungermannia multifida L.
  86. Jungermannia occlusa Hook.f. & Taylor
  87. Jungermannia scariosa Lehm.
  88. Lobatiriccardia alterniloba (Hook.f. & Taylor) Furuki
  89. Marchantia tenella L.
  90. Phaeoceros carolinianus (Michx.) Prosk.
  91. Phaeoceros engelii Cargill & Fuhrer
  92. Phaeoceros evanidus (Steph.) Cargill & Fuhrer
  93. Phaeoceros inflatus (Steph.) Cargill & Fuhrer
  94. Phaeoceros laevis (L.) Prosk.
  95. Phaeoceros laevis subsp. carolinianus (Michx.) Prosk.
  96. Phaeoceros tuberosus (Taylor) Prosk.
  97. Plagiochasma Lehm. & Lindenb.
  98. Plagiochila inversa Sande Lac.
  99. Reboulia Raddi
  100. Riccardia Gray
  101. Riccardia crassa (Schwägr.) Carrington & Pearson
  102. Riccardia longiflora (Steph.) Hewson
  103. Riccardia multifida (L.) Gray
  104. Riccardia muscoides (Colenso) E.A.Hodgs.
  105. Riccardia stolonifera (Steph.) E.A.Hodgs.
  106. Sarcomitrium alternilobum (Hook.f. & Taylor) Mitt.
  107. Sarcomitrium crassum (Schwägr.) Mitt.
  108. Sarcomitrium pinnatifidum (Nees) Mitt.
  109. Wettsteinia Schiffn.
  110. Wettsteinia inversa (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.

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