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Stephani, F. (1889), Hepaticae Australiae. Hedwigia 28 : null - null (Paper) Stephani, F. Unknown
Names in this reference:
  1. Aitonia australis (Nees) Steph.
  2. Aneura stolonifera Steph.
  3. Anthoceros carnosus Steph.
  4. Balantiopsis diplophylla (Hook.f. & Taylor) Mitt. var. diplophylla
  5. Balantiopsis diplophylla var. kirtoni Steph.
  6. Balantiopsis kirtoni Steph.
  7. Bazzania exigua (Steph.) Steph.
  8. Bazzania filiformis Steph.
  9. Bazzania mittenii (Steph.) Steph.
  10. Cololejeunea bistyla Steph.
  11. Cololejeunea trichomanis (Gottsche) Steph.
  12. Dendroceros muelleri Steph.
  13. Eulejeunea armitii Steph.
  14. Eulejeunea subelobata (Carrington & Pearson) Steph.
  15. Fimbraria longebarbata Steph.
  16. Fimbraria setisquama Steph.
  17. Fimbraria whiteleggeana Steph.
  18. Fimbriaria longebarbata Steph.
  19. Fimbriaria setisquama Steph.
  20. Fimbriaria whiteleggeana Steph.
  21. Fossombronia papillata Steph.
  22. Frullania hamaticoma Steph.
  23. Frullania rubella Gottsche ex Steph.
  24. Frullania seriata Gottsche ex Steph.
  25. Hygrolejeunea sayeri Steph.
  26. Hymenophyton phyllanthus (Hook.) Steph.
  27. Jungermannia phyllanthus Hook.
  28. Lejeunea luchmannii Steph.
  29. Lejeunea stephensoniana Mitt.
  30. Lejeunea subelobata Carrington & Pearson
  31. Lejeunea trichomanis Gottsche
  32. Lejeunea wildii Steph.
  33. Marchantia pallida Steph.
  34. Mastigobryum exiguum Steph.
  35. Mastigobryum mittenii Steph.
  36. Mastigolejeunea phaea (Gottsche ex F.Muell.) Steph.
  37. Metzgeria australis Steph.
  38. Metzgeria crassicostata Steph.
  39. Nardia montana Steph.
  40. Phragmicoma phaea Gottsche ex F.Muell.
  41. Plagiochasma australe Nees
  42. Porella cranfordi Steph.
  43. Porella crawfordii Steph.
  44. Ptycholejeunea stephensoniana (Mitt.) Steph.
  45. Pycnolejeunea curvatiloba Steph.
  46. Radula acutiloba Steph.
  47. Radula buccinifera var. fusiloba Steph.
  48. Riccia cartilaginosa Steph.
  49. Riccia muscicola Steph.
  50. Ricciella multifida Steph.
  51. Ricciella multilamellata Steph.
  52. Ricciella muscicola (Steph.) Steph.
  53. Ricciella papulosa Steph.
  54. Schistocheila Steph.
  55. Schistocheila cristata Steph.
  56. Schistochila cristata Steph.
  57. Strepsilejeunea austrina Spruce ex Steph.
  58. Strepsilejeunea luchmannii (Steph.) Steph.
  59. Trachylejeunea elegantissima Steph.

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