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Hedwig, J. (1801), Species Muscorum Frondosorum (Book) Hedwig, J. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Andreaea Hedw.
  2. Andreaea alpina Hedw.
  3. Andreaea rupestris Hedw.
  4. Anictangium Hedw.
  5. Anictangium bulbosum Hedw.
  6. Anictangium ciliatum Hedw.
  7. Anictangium planifolium Hedw.
  8. Anictangium setosum Hedw.
  9. Barbula Hedw.
  10. Barbula convoluta Hedw.
  11. Barbula rigida Hedw.
  12. Barbula ruralis Hedw.
  13. Barbula unguiculata Hedw.
  14. Bartramia Hedw.
  15. Bartramia halleriana Hedw.
  16. Bartramia pomiformis Hedw.
  17. Bryum Hedw.
  18. Bryum annotinum Hedw.
  19. Bryum argenteum Hedw.
  20. Bryum caespiticium Hedw.
  21. Bryum capillare Hedw.
  22. Bryum dichotomum Hedw.
  23. Bryum macrocarpon Hedw.
  24. Buxbaumia Hedw.
  25. Buxbaumia aphylla Hedw.
  26. Cynontodium Hedw.
  27. Cynontodium capillaceum Hedw.
  28. Dicranum Hedw.
  29. Dicranum fasciatum Hedw.
  30. Dicranum flexuosum Hedw.
  31. Dicranum glaucum Hedw.
  32. Dicranum introflexum Hedw.
  33. Dicranum purpureum Hedw.
  34. Dicranum schreberianum Hedw.
  35. Dicranum scoparium Hedw.
  36. Didymodon Hedw.
  37. Encalypta Hedw.
  38. Encalypta ciliata Hedw.
  39. Encalypta vulgaris Hedw.
  40. Fissidens Hedw.
  41. Fissidens adianthoides Hedw.
  42. Fissidens asplenioides Hedw.
  43. Fissidens bryoides Hedw.
  44. Fissidens exilis Hedw.
  45. Fissidens pulvinatus Hedw.
  46. Fissidens pulvinatus var. africanus Hedw.
  47. Funaria Hedw.
  48. Funaria hygrometrica Hedw.
  49. Grimmia Hedw.
  50. Grimmia alpicola Sw. ex Hedw.
  51. Grimmia apocarpa Hedw.
  52. Gymnostomum aestivum Hedw.
  53. Gymnostomum heimii Hedw.
  54. Gymnostomum microstomum Hedw.
  55. Gymnostomum ovatum Hedw.
  56. Gymnostomum pyriforme Hedw.
  57. Gymnostomum rutilans Hedw.
  58. Gymnostomum truncatum Hedw.
  59. Hypnum Hedw.
  60. Hypnum aduncum Hedw.
  61. Hypnum albicans Hedw.
  62. Hypnum amoenum Hedw.
  63. Hypnum arcuatum Hedw.
  64. Hypnum cupressiforme Hedw.
  65. Hypnum cuspidatum Hedw.
  66. Hypnum denticulatum Hedw.
  67. Hypnum fluitans Hedw.
  68. Hypnum microcarpon Hedw.
  69. Hypnum minutulum Hedw.
  70. Hypnum plumosum Hedw.
  71. Hypnum praelongum Hedw.
  72. Hypnum purum Hedw.
  73. Hypnum recognitum Hedw.
  74. Hypnum riparium Hedw.
  75. Hypnum rutabulum Hedw.
  76. Hypnum scorpioides Hedw.
  77. Hypnum serpens Hedw.
  78. Hypnum smithii Hedw.
  79. Hypnum spiniforme Hedw.
  80. Hypnum squarrosum Hedw.
  81. Hypnum stellatum Hedw.
  82. Hypnum tenuifolium Hedw.
  83. Hypnum tomentosum Hedw.
  84. Hypnum uncinatum Hedw.
  85. Leskea Hedw.
  86. Leskea capillaris Hedw.
  87. Leskea complanata Hedw.
  88. Leskea dendroides Hedw.
  89. Leskea mollis Hedw.
  90. Leskea pulchella Hedw.
  91. Leskea rotulata Hedw.
  92. Leskea varia Hedw.
  93. Meesia Hedw.
  94. Mnium Hedw.
  95. Mnium crudum Hedw.
  96. Mnium palustre Hedw.
  97. Mnium pseudotriquetrum Hedw.
  98. Neckera Hedw.
  99. Neckera heteromalla Hedw.
  100. Neckera pennata Hedw.
  101. Neckera planifolia Hedw.
  102. Octoblepharum Hedw.
  103. Octoblepharum albidum Hedw.
  104. Orthotrichum Hedw.
  105. Orthotrichum crispum Hedw.
  106. Phascum Hedw.
  107. Phascum cuspidatum Hedw.
  108. Phascum muticum Schreb. ex Hedw.
  109. Phascum nitidum Hedw.
  110. Phascum patens Hedw.
  111. Pohlia Hedw.
  112. Pohlia elongata Hedw.
  113. Polytrichum Hedw.
  114. Polytrichum alpinum Hedw.
  115. Polytrichum commune Hedw.
  116. Polytrichum dendroides Hedw.
  117. Polytrichum formosum Hedw.
  118. Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw.
  119. Polytrichum magellanicum Hedw.
  120. Polytrichum norvegicum Hedw.
  121. Polytrichum piliferum Hedw.
  122. Pterigynandrum Hedw.
  123. Pterigynandrum trichomitrion Hedw.
  124. Sphagnum latifolium Hedw.
  125. Splachnum Hedw.
  126. Tortula Hedw.
  127. Tortula muralis Hedw.
  128. Trichostomum canescens Hedw.
  129. Trichostomum heterostichum Hedw.
  130. Trichostomum lanuginosum Hedw.
  131. Trichostomum pallidum Hedw.
  132. Webera Hedw.
  133. Webera nutans Hedw.
  134. Webera pyriformis Hedw.
  135. Weissia Hedw.
  136. Weissia controversa Hedw.
  137. Weissia radians Hedw.
  138. Weissia recurvirostris Hedw.
  139. Weissia starkeana Hedw.

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