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Sollman, P. (2001), Studies on several Australian Pottiaceous mosses, including some nomina nuda. Trop. Bryol 20 (Paper) Sollman, P. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Anomodon tasmanicus Broth.
  2. Barbula austroruralis Müll.Hal.
  3. Barbula austrounguiculata Müll.Hal.
  4. Barbula crinita Schultz
  5. Barbula geminata Müll.Hal.
  6. Barbula subcalycina Müll.Hal.
  7. Desmatodon convolutus (Brid.) Grout
  8. Gymnostomum scabridorsum Broth. ex Watts & Whitel.
  9. Hymenostomum amoenum Geh. ex Watts & Whitel.
  10. Hymenostomum olivaceum Müll.Hal. ex Geh.
  11. Hymenostomum subolivaceum Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel.
  12. Hymenostomum sullivanii Müll.Hal. ex Geh.
  13. Tortella cirrhata Broth.
  14. Tortula antarctica (Hampe) Wilson
  15. Tortula austroruralis (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  16. Tortula oedineura Watts & Whitel.
  17. Tortula perbrevifolia Müll.Hal. ex Watts & Whitel.
  18. Trichostomum albovaginatum Hampe ex Müll.Hal.
  19. Triquetrella albicuspis Broth.
  20. Weissia condensa (Voit) Lindb.
  21. Weissia controversa Hedw.
  22. Weissia glauca Broth. ex Burges
  23. Weissia graciliseta Broth. ex F.M.Bailey
  24. Weissia patula (C.Knight) Fife
  25. Weissia squarrosa Broth. ex F.M.Bailey

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