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Zander, R.H. (1993), Genera of the Pottiaceae. Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci 32 (Paper) Zander, R.H. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acaulon robustum Broth. ex G.Roth
  2. Barbula calycina Schwägr.
  3. Barbula crinita Schultz
  4. Barbula hornschuchiana Schultz
  5. Barbula pseudopilifera Müll.Hal. & Hampe
  6. Bryoerythrophyllum rotundatum (Lindb. & Arnell) P.C.Chen
  7. Chenia leptophyllum (Müll.Hal.) R.H.Zander
  8. Desmatodon adustus Mitt.
  9. Desmatodon convolutus (Brid.) Grout
  10. Desmatodon recurvatus (Hook.) Mitt.
  11. Desmatodon reflexidens (Hampe) A.Jaeger
  12. Hennediella heimii (Hedw.) R.H.Zander
  13. Microbryum brevicaule (Taylor) R.H.Zander
  14. Microbryum davallianum (Sm.) R.H.Zander
  15. Microbryum starkeanum (Hedw.) R.H.Zander
  16. Phasconica balansae Müll.Hal.
  17. Phascum leptophyllum Müll.Hal.
  18. Pottia davalliana (Sm.) C.E.O.Jensen
  19. Pottia drummondii (Wilson) J.H.Willis
  20. Pottia drummondii var. obscura J.H.Willis
  21. Pottia heimii (Hedw.) Hampe
  22. Pottia starkeana (Hedw.) Müll.Hal.
  23. Pottia truncata (Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.
  24. Pseudocrossidium crinitum (Schultz) R.H.Zander
  25. Pseudocrossidium hornschuchianum (Schultz) R.H.Zander
  26. Syntrichia anderssonii (Ångstr.) R.H.Zander
  27. Syntrichia antarctica (Hampe) R.H.Zander
  28. Syntrichia baileyi R.H.Zander
  29. Syntrichia brevisetacea (Müll.Hal.) R.H.Zander
  30. Syntrichia laevipila Brid.
  31. Syntrichia leucostega (Müll.Hal.) R.H.Zander
  32. Syntrichia pagorum (Milde) J.J.Amann
  33. Syntrichia papillosa (Wilson) Jur.
  34. Syntrichia phaea (Hook.f. & Wilson) R.H.Zander
  35. Syntrichia pygmaea (Dusén) R.H.Zander
  36. Syntrichia robusta (Hook. & Grev.) R.H.Zander
  37. Syntrichia rubella (Hook.f. & Wilson) R.H.Zander
  38. Syntrichia rubra (Mitt.) R.H.Zander
  39. Syntrichia ruralis (Hedw.) F.Weber & D.Mohr
  40. Syntrichia serrata (Dixon) R.H.Zander
  41. Tortella calycina (Schwägr.) Dixon
  42. Tortella cirrhata Broth.
  43. Tortula anderssonii Ångstr.
  44. Tortula antarctica (Hampe) Wilson
  45. Tortula atrovirens (Sm.) Lindb.
  46. Tortula baileyi Broth.
  47. Tortula bealeyensis R.Br.bis
  48. Tortula laevipila (Brid.) Schwägr.
  49. Tortula leucostega (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  50. Tortula pagorum (Milde) De Not.
  51. Tortula papillosa Wilson
  52. Tortula phaea (Hook.f. & Wilson) Dixon
  53. Tortula pygmaea Dusén
  54. Tortula recurvata Hook.
  55. Tortula rhizophylla (Sakurai) Z.Iwats. & K.Saito
  56. Tortula robusta Hook. & Grev.
  57. Tortula rubella Hook.f. & Wilson
  58. Tortula rubra Mitt.
  59. Tortula ruralis (Hedw.) G.Gaertn., B.Mey. & Scherb.
  60. Tortula serrata Dixon
  61. Tortula truncata (Hedw.) Mitt.
  62. Tortula willisiana var. obscura (J.H.Willis) R.H.Zander
  63. Tortula willisiana R.H.Zander var. willisiana
  64. Trichostomum austrocrispum (Beckett) R.H.Zander
  65. Trichostomum eckelianum R.H.Zander
  66. Triquetrella papillata (Hook.f. & Wilson) Broth.
  67. Triquetrella preissiana (Hampe) Müll.Hal.
  68. Weissia austrocrispa (Beckett) I.G.Stone
  69. Weissia balansae (Müll.Hal.) R.H.Zander

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