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Mitten, W. (1859), Descriptions of some new species of Musci from New Zealand and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere, together with an enumeration of the species collected in Tasmania by William Archer, Esq.; arranged upon the plan proposed in the 'Musci Indiae Orientalis'. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society, Botany 4 (Paper) Mitten, W. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acaulon apiculatum Mitt.
  2. Acaulon apiculatum var. turgidum (Mitt.) Mitt.
  3. Andreaea asperula Mitt.
  4. Anictangium repens Hook.
  5. Astomum cylindricum (Taylor) Mitt.
  6. Atrichum ligulatum (Mitt.) Mitt.
  7. Bartramia appressa Hook.f. & Wilson
  8. Bartramia comosa Mitt.
  9. Bartramia divaricata Mitt.
  10. Bartramia sieberi Hornsch. ex Müll.Hal.
  11. Breutelia comosa (Mitt.) Mitt.
  12. Breutelia divaricata (Mitt.) Mitt.
  13. Breutelia pendula (Sm.) Mitt.
  14. Breutelia sieberi (Müll.Hal.) Mitt.
  15. Bryum laevigatum Hook.f. & Wilson
  16. Bryum levigatum Hook.f. & Wilson ex Wilson
  17. Campylopus pallidus Hook.f. & Wilson
  18. Conostomum pusillum Hook.f. & Wilson
  19. Cryphaea crenulata Mitt.
  20. Cynontodium capillaceum Hedw.
  21. Daltonia novae-zelandiae Mitt.
  22. Dicranum ferrugineum Wilson
  23. Dicranum torquatum Mitt.
  24. Didymodon cyathicarpus (Mont.) Mitt.
  25. Didymodon tasmanicus (Hook.) Mitt.
  26. Entosthodon apophysatus (Taylor) Mitt.
  27. Glyphomitrium acutifolium (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  28. Glyphomitrium adamsonii Mitt.
  29. Glyphomitrium muelleri Mitt.
  30. Glyphomitrium serratum Mitt.
  31. Gymnostomum apophysatum Taylor
  32. Hookeria acutifolia Hook. & Grev.
  33. Hookeria tenella Hook.f. & Wilson
  34. Hypnum aciculare Brid.
  35. Hypnum campestre (Müll.Hal.) Mitt.
  36. Hypnum cerviculatum Hook.f. & Wilson
  37. Hypnum chrysogaster Müll.Hal.
  38. Hypnum cochlearifolium Schwägr.
  39. Hypnum comosum Labill.
  40. Hypnum cyparioides Brid.
  41. Hypnum deflexum Wilson
  42. Hypnum hispidum Hook.f. & Wilson
  43. Hypnum jolliffii Hook.f.
  44. Hypnum ptychocarpon Schwägr.
  45. Hypnum subbasilare Hook.
  46. Hypopterygium strumiferum Müll.Hal.
  47. Isothecium archeri Mitt.
  48. Isothecium gracile Hook.f. & Wilson
  49. Isothecium pumilum Hook.f. & Wilson
  50. Leptangium repens (Hook.) Mitt.
  51. Leptotrichum australe Mitt.
  52. Leptotrichum capillaceum (Hedw.) Mitt.
  53. Leptotrichum ferrugineum (Wilson) Mitt.
  54. Leptotrichum jamesonii Mitt.
  55. Leptotrichum oldfieldii (Mitt.) Mitt.
  56. Leskea fulvastra Mitt.
  57. Leskea hastata Mitt.
  58. Leskea hispida (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  59. Leskea laeviuscula Mitt.
  60. Leskea mollis Hedw.
  61. Leskea sciuroides Hook.
  62. Leskea umbrosa Mitt.
  63. Macromitrium erosulum Mitt.
  64. Macromitrium ligulare Mitt.
  65. Meteorium cerinum Hook.f. & Wilson
  66. Meteorium flexicaule Wilson
  67. Meteorium fulvum Mitt.
  68. Mnium hookeri Müll.Hal.
  69. Mnium pendulum Sm.
  70. Neckera cerina (Hook.f. & Wilson) Taylor
  71. Neckera luteola Taylor
  72. Neckera rivalis Mitt.
  73. Orthotrichum luteum Hook.f. & Wilson
  74. Phascum apiculatum var. turgidum Mitt.
  75. Phascum cylindricum Taylor
  76. Phascum gracilentum Mitt.
  77. Phascum tenellum Mitt.
  78. Philonotis appressa (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  79. Philonotis australis Mitt.
  80. Philonotis pusilla (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  81. Pleuridium gracilentum (Mitt.) Mitt.
  82. Pleuridium tenellum (Mitt.) Mitt.
  83. Polytrichadelphus (Müll.Hal.) Mitt.
  84. Polytrichadelphus magellanicus (Hedw.) Mitt.
  85. Polytrichum australe Hook.f. & Wilson
  86. Polytrichum crispulum Hook.f. & Wilson
  87. Polytrichum ligulatum Mitt.
  88. Polytrichum magellanicum Hedw.
  89. Psilopilum australe (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  90. Psilopilum crispulum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  91. Pterygophyllum obscurum Mitt.
  92. Ptychomitrium acutifolium Hook.f. & Wilson
  93. Racopilum laetum Mitt.
  94. Racopilum strumiferum (Müll.Hal.) Mitt.
  95. Rhizogonium hookeri (Müll.Hal.) Mitt.
  96. Sauloma tenella (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  97. Sphagnum antarcticum Mitt.
  98. Sphagnum novozelandicum Mitt.
  99. Stereodon acicularis (Brid.) Mitt.
  100. Stereodon arbuscula (Sm.) Mitt.
  101. Stereodon auriculatus (Mont.) Mitt.
  102. Stereodon cerviculatus (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  103. Stereodon chrysogaster (Müll.Hal.) Mitt.
  104. Stereodon cochlearifolius (Schwägr.) Mitt.
  105. Stereodon contiguus Mitt.
  106. Stereodon cyparoides (Brid.) Mitt.
  107. Stereodon deflexus (Wilson) Mitt.
  108. Stereodon donnianus (Sm.) Mitt.
  109. Stereodon gracilis (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  110. Stereodon jolliffii (Hook.f.) Mitt.
  111. Stereodon lagurus (Hook.) Mitt.
  112. Stereodon mollis (Hedw.) Mitt.
  113. Stereodon ptychocarpon (Schwägr.) Mitt.
  114. Stereodon sciuroides (Hook.) Mitt.
  115. Trachyloma archeri (Mitt.) Mitt.
  116. Trachyloma arcuatum (Hedw.) Mitt.
  117. Trachyloma comosum (Labill.) Mitt.
  118. Trachyloma subbasilare (Hook.) Mitt.
  119. Trachypus cerinus (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  120. Trachypus flexicaulis (Wilson) Mitt.
  121. Trachypus hornschuchii Mitt.
  122. Trichostomum australe Mitt.
  123. Trichostomum oldfieldii Mitt.
  124. Tridontium tasmanicum Hook.f. ex Hook.
  125. Ulota lutea (Hook.f. & Wilson) Mitt.
  126. Zygodon cyathicarpus Mont.

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