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Paris, J.E.G.N. (1896), Index Bryologicus sive enumeration muscorum hucusque cognitorum adjunctis synonyma distributioneque geographica locupletissimis (Section) Paris, J.E.G.N. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Aongstroemia baileyana Müll.Hal.
  2. Apalodium inflatum Mitt.
  3. Bartramia catenulata Hampe
  4. Didymodon papillatus Hook.f. & Wilson
  5. Distichophyllum baileyanum Müll.Hal.
  6. Hypnum chlamydophyllum Hook.f. & Wilson
  7. Hypnum chlorocladum Müll.Hal.
  8. Hypnum clandestinum Hook.f. & Wilson
  9. Hypnum cochlearifolium var. minus Hampe
  10. Hypnum howeanum Müll.Hal. ex Paris
  11. Hypnum lucidum Hook.f. & Wilson
  12. Hypnum nelsonii (Broth.) Paris
  13. Hypnum raphidorrhynchum Müll.Hal.
  14. Hypnum rhaphidorrhynchum Müll.Hal. ex Paris
  15. Leiostoma (Mitt.) Paris
  16. Leiostoma tongense (Sull.) Paris
  17. Lembophyllum chlamydophyllum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris
  18. Lembophyllum chlorocladon (Müll.Hal.) Paris
  19. Lembophyllum clandestinum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Lindb. ex Paris
  20. Lembophyllum cochlearifolium var. minus Paris
  21. Leptodontium papillatum Hook.f. & Wilson ex Paris
  22. Meteorium cerinum Hook.f. & Wilson
  23. Microdus baileyanus (Müll.Hal.) Paris
  24. Microdus pallens (Hook. & Wilson) Paris
  25. Mniadelphus baileyi Müll.Hal. ex Paris
  26. Neckera recurvula (Broth.) Paris
  27. Neckera scottiae Müll.Hal.
  28. Orthodontium inflatum (Mitt.) Paris
  29. Papillaria cerina (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris
  30. Papillaria scottiae (Müll.Hal.) Paris
  31. Philonotis catenulata (Hampe) Paris
  32. Philonotis jardinii (Besch.) Paris
  33. Philonotula jardinii Besch.
  34. Plagiothecium lucidum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Paris
  35. Stereodon nelsonii Broth.
  36. Trachyloma recurvulum Broth.
  37. Weissia pallens Hook. & Wilson

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