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Brotherus, V.F. (1893), Some new species of Australian mosses. II. Öfversigt af Finska Vetenskaps-Societetens Förhandlingar 35 : 34-56 (Paper) Brotherus, V.F. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Acanthocladium crossii Broth. & Geh. ex Broth.
  2. Archidium brisbanicum Broth.
  3. Bryum immarginatum Broth.
  4. Bryum sullivanii Müll.Hal.
  5. Bryum tryonii Broth.
  6. Cyathophorum densirete Broth.
  7. Dicranum bartramioides Broth.
  8. Distichophyllum longicuspis Broth.
  9. Echinodium arboreum Broth.
  10. Fissidens splachnoides Broth.
  11. Funaria aristata Broth.
  12. Hookeria karsteniana Broth. & Geh.
  13. Hyophila micholitzii Broth.
  14. Hypnum polyurum Müll.Hal. ex Broth.
  15. Leucoloma clavinerve Müll.Hal.
  16. Macromitrium exsertum Broth.
  17. Macromitrium peraristatum Broth.
  18. Mniobryum tasmanicum Broth.
  19. Orthodontium ovale Müll.Hal. ex Broth.
  20. Orthotrichum lateciliatum Venturi
  21. Tortula chlorotricha Broth. & Geh. ex Broth.
  22. Trachyloma recurvulum Broth.
  23. Ulota cochleata Venturi ex Broth.

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