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Brotherus, V.F. in Engler, H.G.A. & Prantl, K.A.E. (ed.) (1924), Musci (Laubmoose) 1. Hälfte. Die Natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien Edn. 2, 10 : 478 pp. (Book) Brotherus, V.F. Author
Names in this reference:
  1. Anisothecium clathratum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Broth.
  2. Anisothecium hookeri (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  3. Anisothecium wattsii (Broth.) Broth.
  4. Aongstroemia hookeri Müll.Hal.
  5. Archidium brisbanicum Broth.
  6. Dicnemoloma sieberianum (Spreng.) Broth.
  7. Dicranella wattsii Broth.
  8. Dicranoloma trichopodum (Mitt.) Broth.
  9. Dicranum clathratum Hook.f. & Wilson
  10. Dicranum sieberianum Hornsch. ex Spreng.
  11. Dicranum trichopodum Mitt.
  12. Ephemerella rehmannii Müll.Hal.
  13. Ephemerum rehmannii (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  14. Holodontium (Mitt.) Broth.
  15. Nanomitrium brisbanicum (Broth.) Broth.
  16. Phascum brachypelma Müll.Hal.
  17. Phascum sullivanii Müll.Hal.
  18. Phascum tenellum Mitt.
  19. Phascum tetrapteroides Müll.Hal.
  20. Phascum weymouthii Müll.Hal.
  21. Pseudephemerum tenellum (Mitt.) Broth.
  22. Pseudosymblepharis Broth.
  23. Tetrapterum brachypelma (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  24. Tetrapterum sullivanii (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  25. Tetrapterum tetrapteroides (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  26. Tetrapterum weymouthii (Müll.Hal.) Broth.
  27. Trematodon baileyi Broth.
  28. Trematodon braileyi Broth.

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